Panama Wholesale Organic Coffee

If you are looking for healthy organic coffee in bulk consider Panama wholesale organic coffee. Panama mountain grown organic coffee is some of the best in the world. Panama is the transportation hub of the Americas. English is commonly spoken. Panama is the site of the Panama Canal that connects Atlantic to Pacific. And its Tocumen International Airport handles well over a million passengers a year. Panama is also the southernmost stretch of the Pan American Highway before it reemerges in South America. Thus, if you purchase Panama wholesale organic coffee you have the ability to easily ship by land, sea, or air to any point in North America, or the world.

The Cordillera Central of Panama, its mountainous spine, is extension of the mountains of the North. Here, in the tropics, the highlands are referred to as the land of eternal spring. The elevation provides a relief from the coastal heat but, because Panama is in the tropics, it does not get cold. The highlands of Panama are ideal for growing coffee. The highlands around Boquete and Volcan in the province of Chiriquí have rich volcanic soil and a coffee growing culture going back a century. Small, family, farms grow coffee on the slopes of the mountains and hills of Panama. Many of these coffee farms produce shade grown coffee as growers have left much of the natural habitat in place. In addition, many growers have uses sustainable growing techniques for coffee for years. Thus it was a small step for many to receive Bio Latina organic coffee certification. Bio Latina certifies producers and processors in behalf of the United States Department of Agriculture, the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, and agricultural authorities in Canada and the European Union. The highlands of Panama can be your source for individual bags of coffee or large shipments of Panama wholesale organic coffee.

Panama is a small country about the size of South Carolina. Panama grows the bulk of its coffee in the Province of Chiriquí. Thus Panama does not compete against the likes of Brazil and Colombia for quantity of production. It competes on the basis of quality. An excellent example is Duncan Estate organic coffee by Kotowa. This coffee won best organic coffee in Panama honors in 2005 and then best organic coffee in the world honors in 2006. The growing conditions in the highlands of Panama are sometimes compared to those in Hawaii where organic Kona coffee is grown at altitude, in volcanic soil, and in a similar cloudy habitat.

If you are looking for a cup with great organic coffee aroma and healthy organic coffee antioxidants consider Panama organic coffee. There are many available organic coffee growers and processors. If your interest is in green coffee beans, Panama wholesale organic coffee may be for you. If your interest is in processed, bagged, and labeled organic coffee that is always an options. Check out the facts and if you interest is in purchasing Panama wholesale organic coffee in bulk please feel free to contact us at Buy Organic Coffee today.

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