Panama Organic Coffee

For a cup of excellent coffee produced by sustainable growing techniques try Panama organic coffee. Panama is not a large volume producer of healthy organic coffee but it produces award winning organic coffee in the volcanic soil of its highlands. In fact, a Panama mountain grown organic coffee was the winner of best in the world organic coffee honors in 2006. The coffee growing culture of the Chiriquí highlands where most of Panama organic coffee is grown is only about a hundred years old. The lands around the present towns of Boquete and Volcan were largely empty until settled near the beginning of the 20 th century. Today much of Panama coffee production in the region is grown and processed by descendants of the original settlers. These families have treated the soil in such a way as to preserve its nutrients and avoid pollution. These folks were practicing sustainable coffee production before the concept of organic farming and organic coffee came to be.

Because the growers of Panama organic coffee already had been practicing sustainable agriculture for generations is was a short step for a number of them to seek and obtain Bio Latina organic coffee certification. Bio Latina is the organization based in Lima, Peru that certifies many growers and processors on behalf of organizations worldwide. Thus organic coffee certified for the USDA, Japanese Agricultural Ministry, the European Union, and many specific organic coffee brands are commonly certified directly by Bio Latina. The towns of Boquete and Volcan are in the Western end of Panama in it “dry arch” or arcos eco which is the main agricultural region of Panama. Coffee is grown at altitudes of 3,000 to 7,000 feet on volcanic soil left over from the eruption of a giant volcano well over a million years ago. The 11,000 foot volcano, Volcan Baru, looms over the region. The cloudy conditions and cooler climate (due to elevation) give Panama growing conditions like Hawaii where organic Kona coffee is produced. Much of the coffee in Panama is grown in the shade as it has been naturally grown for years.

Although you can easily buy Panama organic coffee in Panama it is not as easily found outside of the country. Panama wholesale organic coffee can be found using contacts such as Likewise individuals who want to buy individual bags of Panama organic coffee can order through Coffee can be sent directly to your home in North America or anywhere in the world via regular post. Panama organic coffee contains the same organic coffee antioxidants that help reduce the incidence of type II diabetes and cancers of the colon and prostate. The sustainable growing techniques used to produce this coffee help keep the more than 150 possible contaminants found in regular coffee out of your coffee cup each morning. Whether you are looking for a bag of safe organic coffee or wholesale coffee from Panama, contact We at Buy Organic Coffee .org would love to be of assistance.

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