Colombia Recovers from Coffee Leaf Rust

The development of Colombian leaf rust resistant coffee varieties is a main reason for the increase in production of regular coffee and Colombian organic coffee brands. Exports are up by a forth this year and as Colombia recovers from coffee leaf rust it has equaled 2007 production levels. Colombia is not only one of the highest volume producers of coffee in the world but perhaps the producer of the best regular and healthy organic coffee. There numerous Colombian organic coffee brands, all of which benefit as Colombia recovers from coffee leaf rust.

Organic Coffee from Colombia

Colombian coffee is generally considered some of the best in the world. Any coffee grown in Colombia qualifies for Juan Valdez designation, meaning that the Colombian Coffee Growers Association certifies it as 100% Colombian. The Juan Valdez trade name came from the Colombian Coffee Growers Association nearly half a century ago. It is meant to give the buyer assurance that the coffee they purchase is 100% Colombian. Although there is a popular Juan Valdez coffee house chain in Colombia the name Juan Valdez is simply meant to guarantee 100% Colombian content. Here is a list of organic coffees from Colombia with prices adjusted for the peso to dollar exchange rate as of November, 2013.

Colombian Organic Coffee Brands and Retail Prices in Colombia

Brand Retail/Pesos Retail Quantity Retail in Dollars
Volcan 20000 500 grams $10
Linea Roja 19000 500 grams $9.50
Sostenible 24500 500 grams $12.25
Origen 25000 500 grams $12.50
Frailes 18600 500 grams $9.30

These are Colombian organic coffee brands available in the Colombian Cafetero. Prices are retail in Colombian Pesos and the US dollar equivalents are based on the late 2013 exchange rate of around 2,000 Colombian Pesos to the US dollar. It is easy to buy Juan Valdez organic coffee, Colombian organic coffee brands, in Colombia. It also is easy if the coffee was exported to your country. But, getting Colombian organic coffee brands sent from Colombia can be difficult. Even as Colombia recovers from coffee leaf rust the country still carries the stigma of being a place where cocaine is produced as well. As such any coffee leaving Colombia is carefully checked and that includes the bag of Juan Valdez organic coffee you purchased at the Bogota airport coffee shop. For advice on finding Colombian organic coffee brands contact us at Buy Organic Coffee.

The Future as Colombia Recovers from Coffee Leaf Rust

When coffee leaf rust swept into Latin America the Colombian coffee research organization, Cenicafé started work on producing a Colombian leaf rust resistant coffee. This was in the 1980s. Today Colombian leaf rust resistant coffee comes in two varieties, Colombian and Castillo. The first is a cross between an old Colombian variety, Caturra, and a rust-resistant strain from Southeast Asia, the Timor hybrid. Castillo is an offshoot of further cross breeding of the first Colombian leaf rust resistant coffee strain. Replanting with Colombian leaf rust resistant coffee in Colombia has reduced the incidence of leaf rust from 40% to 5% from 2011 to 2013.

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