Ground Coffee Beans

You need ground coffee beans to make coffee but as soon as you grind coffee it starts to lose its flavor. Regular and organic coffee antioxidants start to degrade on exposure to the air. To retain the value and flavor of the coffee that you drink how can you store ground coffee beans? To retain the health benefits of organic coffee do the right things and protect the antioxidants in your coffee.

Ways to Properly Store Coffee and Preserve Freshness

Heat makes coffee go stale faster so store your ground coffee beans away from the kitchen stove and other kitchen hot spots. Use a lower cupboard that does not get hit by the morning or afternoon sun. Ground coffee beans that are vacuum packed are OK until opened. Then you need to use what you need to and transfer the ground coffee beans to an airtight container. The best advice for buying ground coffee beans instead of organic whole bean coffee is to purchase in small quantities and buy again when you run out.

Roast and Grind Your Own Coffee

Because ground coffee beans do not last as long as whole roasted beans and whole roasted beans do not last as long as green coffee beans, consider roasting and grinding what you need day by day. Coffee from Panama, Colombian organic coffee brands, and others are typically shipped to the USA as green coffee beans. Coffee is roasted close to where it is sold and then consumed. You can improve on this practice by purchasing a coffee roaster and a coffee grinder and purchasing green coffee beans from your favorite healthy organic coffee supplier. With a home roasting unit you can roast enough coffee for the day or enough for the week. If you roast more coffee than what you will use in a day, store the roasted beans in an air tight jar. Make only enough ground coffee beans for brewing what you, family, and friends will drink on the spot. Green coffee beans last a couple of years and roasted whole coffee beans last up to six months. Ground coffee beans start losing potency the moment the air hits the coffee. So, buy green, roast as needed, grind only what you use, and brew right away.

The Health Aspects of Properly Storing and Preparing Coffee

It is the antioxidants that are the primary reason for the many beneficial health aspects of coffee. It is the antioxidants that are degraded by improper storage and by roasting and grinding to long before brewing coffee. If you want to preserve the ability of your coffee to reduce the incidence of Type II Diabetes, various forms of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, depression, and suicide risk, buy green, roast as needed, and grind just before use. Coffee it turns out is good for you. Organic coffee is better because it is free of the many contaminates too often found in regular coffee. If you would like to learn more about organic coffee and how to get wholesale coffee visit

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