Organic Coffee T-Discs

The world has fallen in love with single serve coffee. Make a single cup of coffee when you want it and stop pouring all of those coffee grounds down the drain or into the garbage. Keurig started the single serve craze with its k-cups.

Keurig is an American manufacturer of coffee brewers and producers of K-cups.

Each K-Cup is a plastic container with a coffee filter inside. Ground coffee beans are packed in the K-Cup and sealed air-tight with a combination plastic and foil lid. When the K-Cup is placed in a Keurig brewer, the brewer punctures both the foil lid and the bottom of the K-Cup and forces hot water under pressure through the K-Cup and into a mug or cup.

From small beginnings this single serve revolution has moved into one in four US homes as well as offices and hotel rooms.

And when there is a success product there are imitators. In fact there are biodegradable k-cups which answer the issue of whether organic coffee in a k-cup makes sense. After all why go organic with coffee and then fill the world with plastic cups that last forever in the land fill?

Waste 360 reports that it is possible to recycle K cups into cement.

A B.C. program that recycles Keurig coffee K-Cups into cement has been so successful that it may expand into Alberta.

The Lafarge cement plant in Kamloops, B.C. turned about 1.4 million K-Cups into cement last year, after teaming up with Van Houtte Coffee Services, which collects the used pods for recycling.

Now Keurig just needs to give every customer a pre-paid envelope with each set of cups so that customers can mail their used K Cups to Alberta!

A new system does not use cups but rather a disc. These organic coffee t-discs come from Tassimo. A promotional article in Organic Sunshine describes the Tassimo coffee maker.

All you do is take a little disc (T-disc with barcode), put it in the machine, close the lid and push the go button and voila you get your favorite drink. Another cool thing about the Tassimo is that you can adjust the strength of your coffee. It’s totally customizable. You can make a strong, small cup of coffee or a large, weak cup of coffee. Pick your poison, as the old saying goes. It’s that simple.

The T-disc options include coffee, espresso, tea, milk (for lattes and cappuccinos) and hot chocolate.

A drawback to Tassimo organic coffee t-discs is that their coffee maker does not allow you to use any other product including any of the Colombian organic coffee brands shipped directly to you from Colombia.

The positive part of organic coffee-discs is their programmability and the fact that they are a single serve choice. If you do not make coffee or a group of people every day and if you want to limit your coffee intake to just a cup every so often single serve in the form of organic coffee t-discs could be the right choice.

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