Organic Coffee for Diabetics

One of the great health benefits of drinking coffee is that coffee reduces your chances of getting type II diabetes. But if you already have the disease how are regular or organic coffee for diabetics? has some very useful information about coffee’s effect on diabetes.

For people without diabetes, coffee may help reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

Caffeine has been shown in the short term to increase both glucose and insulin levels. Because of this, people with diabetes should be cautious when consuming coffee.

Once sweetener is added to coffee, it removes the benefits of diabetes prevention. It can actually increase your risk of developing diabetes.

It turns out that caffeine and antioxidants in coffee have different effects in regard to diabetes. Many but not all health benefits of drinking coffee come from the antioxidants. In the case of Type II diabetes prevention, drinking coffee increases levels of sex hormone binding globulin which in turn is related to its effect in reducing diabetes incidence. However, caffeine has direct effects on insulin and blood sugar.

Cup of Black Coffee

Black Coffee

Organic Coffee for Diabetics

Although drinking reduces your risk of getting Type II diabetes there may be problems if you already are diabetic. Caffeine with or before a meal causes a higher blood sugar. However there appears to be a protective effect with longer term coffee consumption as coffee’s effect on glucose and insulin sensitivity reduces with continual coffee drinking. Adding sugar to coffee dampens this effect to the detriment of diabetics. Diabetics who take good care of themselves routinely check their blood sugar. If a Type I or Type II diabetic is paying attention to their blood sugars and relating any changes to coffee consumption they may decide to cut out the coffee. Coffee consumption reduces your chances of getting Type II diabetes and continual coffee intake without sweeteners may be OK in diabetics. BUT drinking coffee is not how one controls diabetes. If you have this disease, go to see your doctor and follow his or her advice to the letter.

Health Benefits of Coffee

There are lots of health benefits of drinking coffee. If you have a mild case of Type II diabetes should you quit drinking coffee and forego the long list of things coffee can do for you?

The key would seem to be good diabetes management. Drinking coffee or not is an issue but calorie intake, exercise, blood urine and sugar monitoring and medications are the mainstays of diabetic management. If your diabetes is under good control even with a cup or two of coffee a day you can probably drink coffee when you have diabetes and get the health benefits of less cancer, lower incidence of degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s and less likelihood of depression or cirrhosis of the liver. Ask your doctor. By the way, coffee even improves athletic performance and sex!

Organic or Regular?

All of the information we have listed applies to both regular and healthy organic coffee. The benefits of organic coffee include the benefit to the environment and the absence of impurities too often found in regular coffee. If you are going to consider the health benefits of drinking coffee then go all the way and stick with organic coffee from Colombia.

Colombian Coffee

Colombian Coffee Helps Prevent Diabetes


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