Reduced Robusta Coffee Output

A drought in Vietnam has resulted in reduced Robusta coffee output. Vietnam is the world’s leading producer of Robusta coffee. This is the coffee bean that Nestle uses in its instant coffee. So, will Nestle instant coffee cost more in the coming year? The price for Robusta coffee beans is likely to go up as Vietnam experiences a nearly ten percent drop in coffee production, coming off a record year last year. Does this have anything to do with healthy organic coffee? Where farmers grow coffee they also grow organic coffee. If the price of coffee rises due to a drought it may be just as profitable to sell regular coffee as to sell organic coffee.

Organic Coffee in Asia

While Vietnam grows its coffee in its mountainous spine Laotian organic coffee is also produced in the highlands of Indochina.  Indochina is the world’s second most prolific coffee growing region after Brazil. In fact, Vietnam by itself is the world’s second biggest coffee producer. The central highlands of Vietnam and the highlands of Laos are idea for coffee and were first planted by the French coffee planters in colonial era. On the Bolaven Plateau in Champasak province of Laos coffee is grown at elevations between 1,000 and 1,500 meters above sea level. The rich volcanic soil and cool temperatures coupled with abundant rainfall give rise to great Laotian organic coffee. A draught in this region obviously cuts coffee production as well as quality.

Robusta versus Arabica Coffee

Reduced Robusta coffee output may put at crimp in Nestle’s style as they use this variety for their instant coffee and other instant beverages. However, serious coffee drinkers commonly prefer Arabica beans. This is the variety that dominates in Brazil and among Colombian organic coffee brands. Folks who like Arabica and hate Robusta refer to the aroma of Robusta as that of “burnt tires” and that of Arabica as “perfume like.” Arabica coffee can taste somewhat sweet or tangy whereas the taste of Robusta is often described as grain like or similar to oatmeal. In general high quality Robusta is rare and Robusta is less expensive than Arabica. Perhaps this is why Nestle like Robusta beans for its instant beverages and dislikes the idea of reduced Robusta coffee output in Indochina.

What is the Result of Reduced Robusta Coffee Output?

Vietnam, as the world’s leading Robusta producer, is under pressure to fill contracts for its crop. As production has gone up so have sales. According to news reports the country needs to produce over twenty-five million bags of Robusta coffee to meet current demand. Because of its lower cost Robusta use is rising to just under fifty percent of world production. Higher demand for Robusta may decrease demand for lower quality Arabica beans but not the best quality Arabica coffee. Excellent coffee, especially organic coffee with healthy organic coffee antioxidants will always be in demand from lovers of high quality coffee.  For more information about Panama wholesale organic coffee, Panama Mountain Grown Organic coffee, and coffee in general feel free to contact us through

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