Brands of Costarican Organic Coffee

If you are looking for excellent shade grown organic coffee, look for brands of Costarican organic coffee. Like coffee grown in the cool and moist highlands of the Central American cordillera? Likewise you may want to look for brands of Costarican organic coffee or Panama Mountain Grown organic coffee. Go one step to the south and east and consider one or more of the great Colombian organic coffee brands. Choose Arabica coffee grown by sustainable agricultural practices in Latin America for the best taste and aroma. With these thoughts in mind read on about brands of costarican organic coffee.

Tesoros del Sol

This means treasures of the sun and is an apt description for the hard bean Arabica coffee grown at high altitude in the Alajuela mountainous district of Costa Rica. This organization was founded in order to help local coffee farmers develop and maintain sustainable farming practices. Tesoros del Sol is a high quality coffee roaster using only the finest hand-picked Arabica beans. This company also ships certified organic green coffee beans throughout the world. This company features a coffee club in which members are routinely sent one of the nicest brands of Costarican organic or regular coffee.

Tree Frog Coffee

This is another of the great brands of Costarican organic coffee. They will send you freshly roasted coffee, directly from the estate. Tree Frog coffee is famous for its sweet aroma, smooth body, and rich taste. The intent of this coffee plantation is to not only provide you with a great cup or healthy organic coffee but maintain a healthy ecosystem as well.

Keens Beans Organic Coffee

Like the other brands of Costarican organic coffee mentioned here, Keens shade grown coffee beans are grown in the mountains of Costa Rica. Their beans are hand-picked and sun dried. Their coffee is shade grown. This practice results in a more intensely flavored coffee due to the long time needed to ripen the beans. This company grows its coffee in Costa Rica but roasts the green coffee beans at their facility in Pensacola, Florida. This allows for more rapid shipping to North American customers. And, if you choose to roast your beans at home a few at a time simply order green coffee beans from Keens Beans.

Muddy Waters

This company produces coffee in an area that has grown coffee since 1779. The long heritage of coffee production of brands of Costarican organic coffee is unique in Central America. Muddy Waters obtains its organic coffee from some of the best growers from San Jose, Alajuela, Heredia, Puntarenas, and Cartago provinces, the traditional coffee growing districts of Costa Rica. The company offers several specialty blends, all Costa Rican in origin.

Café Britt

Visit this company’s web site and you will see coffee prices quoted in Costarican colones instead of dollars. Five hundred colones equal one dollar and one colon is a fifth of a cent. When you see a price of ¢ 4,335.00 for a twelve ounce bag, that is just under $9. The company sells nine different brands of Costarican organic coffee.

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