Ground Coffee or Whole Coffee Beans

Which is better to buy, ground coffee or whole coffee beans? If you buy ground coffee you do not have to get out the coffee grinder before brewing coffee. On the other hand ground coffee has a shorter shelf life than whole bean coffee. Colombian organic coffee brands, Panama Mountain Grown Organic Coffee, and coffee from Costa Rica are commonly shipped to the USA for roasting. This is because coffee starts to lose its flavor as soon as the roasting process is completed. So it is best to roast coffee close to the market where coffee will be sold. If the coffee is ground and packed by the roaster it is doubly important that roasting takes place close to where you live and that you purchase recently roasted and ground coffee. The issue of ground coffee or whole coffee beans also applies to the health aspects of drinking coffee.

Regular and Healthy Organic Coffee as Ground Coffee or Whole Coffee Beans

There are two reasons for drinking organic coffee and the issue (of ground coffee or whole coffee beans) only applies to one of them. People drink organic coffee to avoid the many impurities that can be found in regular coffee. The level of impurities does not change when you grind the coffee. The other issue is that organic coffee antioxidants are good for you. There are antioxidants in all coffee. However, the more aromatic Arabica coffees that are more carefully grown and processed by organic growers may well have a higher content of antioxidants and therefore be better for you. The fact is that when you grind coffee the aroma starts to go away and so does the potency of antioxidants. If you drink ground coffee or coffee from whole coffee beans that you have just ground you make be making a decision that will affect your health.

Ground Coffee or Whole Coffee Beans and Health

Here is some data on the health aspects of coffee drinking. Our opinion is that regarding ground coffee or whole coffee beans whole beans ground just before brewing is better for health because of a higher antioxidant content.

Drinking Organic Coffee Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk

Recently released research says that that drinking organic coffee reduces prostate cancer risk. In a just published study 47,911 men were followed from 1986 to 2006. During that time 5,035 developed prostate cancer including 642 cases of lethal prostate cancer, fatal or metastatic…

More Organic Coffee Can Lead to Less Colon Cancer

It turns out that one of the antioxidants obtained during the process of roasting organic coffee may well reduce the risk of getting colon cancer, the second leading cause of cancer death in the USA…

More Organic Coffee Can Lead to Less Diabetes

Drinking organic coffee reduces the incidence of Type II diabetes, the type that affects 95% of people with the disease. There is a protein, sex hormone-binding globulin which regulates sex hormone activity in the human body. Researchers believe that this hormone has an effect on the development of Type II diabetes. Drinking coffee increases the body’s levels of sex hormone-binding globulin. Drinking 4 or more cups of coffee a day, with caffeine, reduces Type II diabetes incidence by 56%, more than half…

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