Indian Filter Coffee

A unique kind of coffee is Indian filter coffee. Known as Kaapi (phonetic coffee in Hindu), Indian filter coffee is a popular drink in the Southern states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Indian filter coffee is three fourths coffee and one forth chicory. Local coffees are used in this drink. In order of local preference one makes Indian filter coffee with Peaberry, Arabica, Malabar or Robusta from Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu regions. Although locally made Indian filter coffee is made with local coffee beans, feel free to use healthy organic coffee, one of the Colombian organic coffee brands. But, if you want to do this traditionally where do you find Peaberry or Malabar coffee beans?

Peaberry Coffee

Peaberry coffee is also known as caracole. Peaberry coffee is made from rounded coffee beans. Normally the coffee berry has two seeds and the sides facing each other are flattened. About one in twenty coffee beans are single seeds and rounded. These are peaberries. Tanzanian coffees are commonly associated with peaberries as are some Kona coffees. Rounded peaberries roast differently from other coffee beans, more evenly. Ideally these rounded beans are roasted separately from regular flat sided coffee beans. This requires manual separation of the beans.

Malabar Coffee

Malabar coffee is from the Malabar region of India. It is in the South between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. Coffee leaf rust arrived in India more than a century before it reach the Western Hemisphere. Growers replaced their Arabica coffee with Robusta and bred for leaf rust resistance. Thus Malabar is always a non-Arabica variety.


Chicory is a perennial plant often used as a coffee substitute or additive. The roots of chicory are baked and ground and added to coffee. Chicory is not only used in Indian filter coffee. Adding chicory to coffee is common in New Orleans.

Indian Filter Coffee

Indian filter coffee, in India, is commonly made with instant coffee. In India the key to good filter coffee is searching out the ideal instant coffee or coffee powder. Add the power to hot water and stir. Then pour through a filter. Add fresh milk to taste and a teaspoonful of sugar to the cup. The key to the Indian filter coffee story seems to be searching out the best coffee powder. If you would like to try some strong filter coffee powder from India follow the link. You will note that you will have to convert to Rupees to make payment.

Kaapi Powder for Indian Filter Coffee

Indian Filter Coffee

Kaapi – Premium Quality South Indian Strong Filter Coffee Powder by Cafe Madras is available online from Mumbai, India.

Add a Little Variety to Your Coffee

This is the last of our current series of types of coffee articles. Please feel free to re-read about Turkish coffee, Cuban coffee, liqueur coffees and the rest. There may be standards for how to make any of these coffee buy your standard should be what tastes the best to you. Try a few different ways to make coffee and always think organic!

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