Lose Weight with Coffee Bean Extract

It appears possible to lose weight with coffee bean extract! This little tidbit was in the news recently. A chemist in Pennsylvania reports that when sixteen volunteers lost weight when they took a gram of green coffee bean extract daily for five months. According to the study report the volunteers were in their twenties and all overweight. These folks did not change their diets or the amount of exercise that they did, or didn’t, engage in. According to researchers there were no ill effects on the volunteers’ blood pressure readings or heart rate. The average weight loss in this study was just over ten pounds. Researchers understand that antioxidants in black organic coffee potentially lessen cellular damage from aging, slow down atherosclerosis related inflammation, and even reduce the likelihood of a number of serious medical conditions such as diabetes and certain types of cancer. At this point no one knows just why you lose weight with coffee bean extract.

Some commentators have remarked that it is probably the caffeine that helps one lose weight with coffee bean extract. However, the study author believes that a chemical called chlorogenic acid in unroasted beans is what does the trick. A next logical step would be to take another group of overweight volunteers and give half of them caffeine pills and the other half coffee bean extract with the same amount of caffeine and compare the results. This author would rather be in a test group that drank healthy organic coffee with the same amount of caffeine. That way the question of caffeine as the reason that one can lose weight with coffee extract could be clarified and this coffee drinker would enjoy the benefits of his favorite cup of Panama organic coffee .

Although it would be nice to lose weight with coffee bean extract it would be nicer to keep the weight off with a proper diet and moderate exercise. Then we coffee drinkers could enjoy the benefits of modified organic coffee antioxidants created during the roasting process. While we are talking about the health benefits of coffee, let’s not forget that more organic coffee can lead to less diabetes and that more organic coffee can lead to less colon cancer . According to researchers it would appear that the natural antioxidants in organic coffee, modified and even created by roasting are responsible for a number of the health benefits.

Lose weight with coffee bean extract if you like, but I, for one, will continue to enjoy my morning cup of Panama mountain grown organic coffee . Drink organic coffee for your health and organic coffee for the environment is a good idea as well. Organic coffee is grown using sustainable agricultural techniques, offers a higher return per bag of coffee produced, and results in a purer product. If it turns out that I can watch my weight with a cup or two or three of organic coffee each day I will be totally satisfied and absolutel willing to forego the chance to lose weight with coffee bean extract.

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