Recession Drives Coffee Sales Down in Europe

Recession drives coffee sales down in Europe if figures from Starbucks are an indication. Not only did worldwide sales for the coffee shop giant fall, but sales in Europe fell by one percent. As recession drives coffee sales down in Europe it is same store sales that suffered for Starbucks. Considering that austerity measures are likely to cause a recession this year in the Euro Zone and countries like Spain have unemployment of a quarter of their work force it is not surprising that high end coffee sales are down. But, what is a lover of healthy organic coffee to do in such a situation?

First of all, in Europe or elsewhere, one does not need to go to Starbucks or any other high end coffee shop chain to buy good coffee. Wholesale coffee from Panama, for example, is available through Panamá Natural Organic Coffee by way of Panamá Natural Organic Coffee can vouch for organic coffee certification of products shipped anywhere on earth. While recession drives coffee sales down in Europe the lower prices of coffee this year may be damaging to small organic coffee operations. Organic coffee farmers need to premium typically paid for organic coffee to pay for their more intensive and sustainable coffee farming operations. A combination of lower prices and a reduced demand could be fatal for some coffee farmers. On the other hand, as recession drives coffee sales down in Europe, organic coffee lovers can go online to for Panama Mountain Grow Organic Coffee shipped directly to their door.

While recession drives coffee sales down in Europe Starbucks and others are putting up more coffee shops in China. The point is that despite the risk of a Chinese real estate collapse and reduced exports from China, the economy there is less dicey than in Europe. Also the market for coffee is not saturated. Starbucks and others are having a fair degree of success selling coffee in a traditionally tea drinking culture. Also, China is right next door to the second largest coffee producer in the world, Vietnam. In fact, the highlands of all of Indochina are ideal for coffee growing. Laotian organic coffee is available through small farm cooperatives right next door to a rapidly expanding coffee market in China.

Despite a fall off in high end coffee sales in Europe there are lots of cheaper sources of good organic coffee. Organic coffee prices may not fall as much as regular coffee prices but organic coffee may become more attractive economically as well as esthetically. For information about selection and shipping please contact Panamá Natural Organic Coffee by way of Organic coffee cooperatives in Panama are looking for customers. Much of their organic coffee excess goes to local sales for lack of a wider market. Come and join the ranks of Panama Organic Coffee lovers. You will be glad that you did. We ship directly from Panama to you. In addition we offer a variety of non-Panama organic coffee brands via If you have any questions please feel free to contact us today.

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