Wholesale Organic Green Coffee Beans

Scientific research tells us that coffee is good for us. It also tells us that healthy organic coffee is a better choice than regular coffee. We also know that green coffee beans have a two year shelf life. That is, the regular or organic coffee antioxidants in the coffee bean retain their properties for a couple of years. In comparison roasted coffee beans are good for six months or so and roasted and ground coffee starts to lose its potency the moment that it has been ground. This having been said the best choice for buying coffee is to get wholesale organic green coffee beans. Wholesale organic green coffee beans can be stored for later roasting and wholesale organic green coffee beans can be made into a coffee bean extract that helps with weight loss. So, where can you find wholesale organic green coffee beans?

Buy Your Coffee Wholesale

Wholesale coffee is most commonly purchased directly from coffee growers and cooperatives while standard coffee commonly enters a worldwide supply chain and ends up where price, supply, and demand dictate. A prime example for the purchase of organic wholesale coffee is Starbucks. This worldwide chain of coffee houses purchases in multiyear contracts from organic growers in the four corners of the coffee producing world. But what if you want to buy wholesale organic green coffee beans? Where do you go? Who do you deal with and what are the problems you need to overcome? The short route, buy the way is to contact us at BuyOrganicCoffee.org.

The Commodity Supply Chain for Coffee

Large coffee producers typically export their own coffee beans. Smaller coffee growers sell to an exporter, the middle man. He sells to coffee importers who sell to roasters who sell to retailers. Much of the cost of a good cup of coffee full goes to paying all of those folks who connect the coffee farmer to you the customer. Because coffee roasters commonly have the largest profit margin in the supply chain you can save money when you buy wholesale organic green coffee beans.

Organic versus Regular Coffee

Organic coffee accounts for about one percent of world production (67,000 tons versus 69,000,000 tons). Because organic coffee sells at a premium to regular coffee so do wholesale organic green coffee beans with a premium of up to forty percent. Well known and trusted producers commonly command a higher premium than unknowns. This presents a problem for unknowns who pay for Bio Latina organic coffee certification or certification by other reputable certification agencies. Certification does not guarantee sales or profits! For the individual who would like to buy, roast, package, and sell organic coffee in the USA or Europe how does he go about finding an organic grower with product to sell? Again, think of us at BuyOrganicCoffee.org.

Buying Wholesale Organic Green Coffee Beans from the Grower

There are a couple of approaches to obtaining a reliable supply of high quality organic wholesale coffee. One is to contact the various certifying agencies around the world and request a list of the growers and processors whom they certify. Then one needs to contact these folks, typically in their native language, and negotiate price. The other approach is to contact someone on the ground in the area in which one is interested. If you are interested in Colombian organic coffee brands, Panama mountain grown organic coffee, or organic coffee from Costa Rica let us know at BuyOrganicCoffee.org.

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  1. Ryan Larsen says:

    I am looking for organic free varieties of raw green coffee beans that are mold/mycotoxin free and free of any pesticides. Do you have any varieties that pass this with lab tests to verify?

    • Tim Thompson says:

      The organic coffee that we provide has been certified by the likes of Bio Latina for the USDA or other agencies.

      We do not do lab tests on these coffees.

      Thanks for your interest,

      James Walker, Buy Organic Coffee, Manizales

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