Send Organic Coffee for Christmas

Trying to think of a holiday gift for your hard-to-shop-for father-in-law? Send organic coffee for Christmas. Healthy organic coffee is unique gift. Send one of the Colombian organic coffee brands and gain the respect of your coffee drinking friend or family member. If you are going to send organic coffee from Christmas you can head over to your local coffee roaster and pick out something exotic from their stock of organic green coffee beans. Have them roast up a pound or two and send the bag in a brightly gift wrapped box to you hard-to-shop-for friend or family member. If you like the idea of one-stop shopping, send organic coffee for Christmas to every adult on your list. So, we have decided that this is a good idea. If you would like consider buying online or, if you have a connection to coffee country, order directly and have organic coffee delivered with a postmark from the country of origin.

Coffee from Panama

Panama mountain grown organic coffee is a great choice if you want to impress when you send organic coffee for Christmas. Panama is the small Central American country that serves as a land bridge between North and South America. Many recognize the name because of the Panama Canal that connects Atlantic to Pacific. Panama has a mountainous spine, the Cordillera Central, in Spanish. This region is ideal for growing healthy organic coffee. It is in the rich volcanic soil of the Cordillera Central in the highlands of the province of Chiriquí that Panama grows some of the best coffee in the world. This is a relatively small region so Panama does not compete for tons of coffee produced against the large scale coffee producers like Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, or Indonesia. What Panama lacks in volume of production it more than makes up for in the quality of coffee that it produces.

Coffee from Colombia

The Colombian Cafetero is a legendary coffee growing region west of Bogotá, Colombia. Colombia is the second leading producer by weight of the best brand of coffee, Arabica. However, Colombian coffee is generally considered to be pound for pound the best in the world. In fact, as leaf rust attacks coffee crops in other nations Colombia may well end up being the most reliable source of high quality coffee as well. When the plant disease arrived in Latin America Colombia worked on a cure and has produced strains of leaf rust resistant coffee. As Colombia recovers from leaf rust it is time to send organic coffee for Christmas, the Colombian variety. There are a lot of excellent organic coffee brands in Colombia but it is not possible to mail coffee directly from that nation to most places in the world. Rather one must export or carry coffee out of the country in ones luggage. You could fly to Bogotá and visit the Juan Valdez coffee shop in the international terminal and fly back home with a suitcase full of coffee. On the other hand you could contact us at Buy Organic Coffee and ask for a little help when you want to send organic coffee for Christmas.

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